TacDock V1

BWC Charging Dock - V1 (Home/Desk/Cop Caddy)

Color:Matte Black
In stock!

  • Built in USB-C charging adapter

  • Upload/offloading of videos via Axon view XL software in standalone mode - watch your videos, add metadata, and upload to evidence.com via the software with ease from anywhere with internet connection. 

  • Available in: Matte Black, Operator Green, Khaki, Flat Dark Earth and Special Edition Thin Blue Line

  • WILL WORK FOR ALL AXON 3 Body Worn Cameras or any camera with USB-C connection


At its core the TacDock is simply a device that holds your issued Body Worn Camera, keeping it safe, and charging it at the same time. No fancy software involved, just a high speed USB-C adapter built in so you can hook up the power cord that came with your Body Worn Camera (or any other USB-C Cord will work) and its plug and play. TacDock makes your life easier...no dealing with cords everyday and have something that looks good keeping your camera safe.

Additional Need to Knows
  • USB-C charging cable not included. Any USB-C to standard USB 3.1 will work, to include the charging cable that was likely issued with your body worn camera. Purchase a spare under the accessories tab above.
  • AXON View XL is software by AXON. You will need this on your computer or laptop in order to upload BWC footage or transfer it to your computer. NOT Provided by BLUELINE CNC. Blueline CNC and Axon are in now way affiliated with each other.
  • Body Worn Camera in product pictures not included.
  • 3D Printed in high quality PLA PLUS Material utilizing Tactical picked colors.
How we got here
The TacDock V1 was created after hearing the gripes from local officers concerning having no where to safely store their BWC and not being able to find many charging docks on the market to buy. Officers were tossing it on the counter at home to charge after a shift, a desk, or in their patrol vehicles. These officers requested we design a simple square platform to hold their BWC.
We here at Blueline CNC being LEO's ourselves felt the same concerns after being issued our BWC. A Google search showed no charging stations for sale within our price range that looked cool too. Do to this, we went to work 3D modeling two separate versions of a charging dock for BWC's. We wanted the concept to be simple: Be able to take off our BWC and place it in a charging dock where it was safe and we didn't have to mess with any cords. The idea was to build something that could sit next to your portable radio charger in your Cop Caddy...so when you got home you could take off your radio and body worn camera and place them both in chargers. We also did not want to utilize cheap material and wanted the design to look slick and badass where possible.
Furthermore, we wanted something for specialized divisions and those with a desk or office. We built the TacDock V1 because of all this. Not only can you charge your BWC at the office, but you can plug the dock into your computer and utilize the AXON XL program in standalone mode from evidence.com to upload your videos during your shift without having to go anywhere. This requires the AXON View XL program, which is available for free from AXON or evidence.com .(Blueline CNC is in no way affiliated with AXON nor do we offer this program for download). This allows you to upload your videos, add metadata (tag) them appropriately and send them off without having to go to the station/barrack/department.
Most of the world uses docking stations for their cell phones, Apple watches, etc. Use one for your body worn camera too! LEO Tested / LEO approved
Head on over to the TacDock V2  page if you are interested in the vehicle version of our charging dock. The vehicle version utilizes different heat rated material and has additional features for vehicle mounting. Being able to upload your videos with EASE from your patrol vehicle is next level ;)

Purchase USB-C Charging Cable HERE

Shipping Information

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Easy Charging:

  • Simply plug in your power cord (not included) to the built in USB-C Adapter in the back
  • Insert your BWC into the TacDock
  • Enjoy easy charging!

Perfect for:

  • Patrol Officers / Security Officers
  • Specialized Divisions
  • Anyone issued a BWC


Optionally, you can utilize AXON XL for video uploads with ease if you want it to do more than just charge. Axon XL is available for download from Axon and Evidence.com. Utilizing the TacDock with the Axon XL program allows easy video uploading and tagging from anywhere. No need to go back to the station/barrack/department to do so.

Product Reviews

Ahmad F.

Verified TacDock V1 customer

I received my docking station today. Additionally, my order was delivered much sooner than I projected. Thanks so much, I will encourage my team to purchase a docking station!

Matthew H

Thanks, thin blue line is awesome!

Zachery S

Verified TacDock V1 Customer

I use it on my caddy with my equipment after my shift and it works perfectly. Good stuff


Ive used Blueline cnc for other projects in the past so I knew this would be good. Just plugged it in and it charges my camera as expected and looks badass too. Bonus for being able to use it with my laptop at the office to upload my videos. Id love one in woodland camo if you guys can do it!

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